JULY 2016

So the last couple of months (year!) have been pretty crazy to say the least at the studios.....

We thought we should break it down in the order of chaos as follows, in no particular order DRUMS PLEASE!!!

- We built a massive fire wall (Safety first)

Jonny and Charlotte had a baby, (AIR HORN) X

- Steve got a brand new print bed all the way from Norwich (Thanks Dave)

- The flood! (Wet wet wet)

Antiform photoshoot (Thanks lizzie)

Mark moved back from Berlin (Hi boyz)

- We built a coffee shop with Alex (From scratch on wheels)

- Finally got the signage up on the doors (After 4 months of saying we would, big up Sam)

- Refreshed the website (Just like Barry)

- Bethany and James absolutely smashed it with their Led costumes (Light works)

- Greg moved house 15 times and also smashed out a stonesthrow x stussy A-bomb (Space dog)

- Gary smashed it on the white paint, thank you brother!  (boss man)

- Jenny & Sophie joined Extra Strong (Russ got a new hair cut)

- We said goodbye to Emily, Tom, Becky & Ben (Miss you guys)

George, Nir & Ollie secured funding for another amazing project! (High five)

Alex Blogg went on his travels filming super cool stuff (Fridge magnet)

Todd had an earthquake in his studio (He wasn't in Japan) *

- Lucie announced she was pregnant! (Double air horn!)

- Matt made way to much art (Machine)

- We got fresh with the paste up's in the basement (Word!)

- Emma and the specialist team ran the race for life (And not for last orders!)

Studio Thomas moved in on floor 2 (See you later London)

- We updated our contact forms (So you can now talk to us about rad stuff) 

- And now we are trying to plan our first birthday! (Watch this space)


*Emma duffell moved in (She's rad!) but doesn't have a link yet.

*Jack and Oneil moved into the private office, (PS4) but are working on their website.